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Air conditioning installation & maintenance suppliers in Newcastle

Air conditioning is essential. When the temperature goes up we know you want to cool down fast and with modern air conditioning systems, why wait?

Air conditioning systems have advanced greatly, they’re powerful but now also highly efficient – saving you money while keeping you and your workplace at the perfect temperature.

Enright Environmental offers a versatile and highly effective range of air conditioning methods.

We and our partners have many years of experience designing and fitting air cooling systems so our team can use their expertise to meet your specific requirements. By gaining a full understanding of the space and how it’s used we can help you choose a system that perfectly matches your building’s needs.

These are some of the types of systems available and where they might be used. Click on a title for more information:

Split systems
Split systems are a versatile and powerful solution especially when used in smaller spaces. They work by bringing cool air indoors and expelling heat to the outside. Connected by refrigerant lines and control cables, the indoor units can be ceiling or wall mounted – whatever best meets your needs. And they can either be controlled by hand held remotes or programmed to run entirely automatically.
Air handling plant
Large spaces are often best suited to installing air handling units. These use an array of ducts and ceiling diffusers to focus air to exactly where it’s needed – the equipment driving the system is located out of sight, either on the roof or in dedicated plant rooms.
Fan coil unit
Often large buildings are split into several smaller units and this is where a system incorporating fan coil units is ideal. With the fan coil units placed in the ceiling void it means each individual part of the building can be set to a different temperature. It’s a highly-efficient system utilising the main boiler in tandem with a chilled water plant.
Cooling by ventilation
By expelling stale or warm air and swapping it with fresh air from outside, this is a really energy-efficient means of cooling. It is particularly effective where there are intense heat gains for example in a factory setting when hot air can be removed close to where it is generated.

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