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Industrial & Commercial Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative cooling systems work by driving warm air through a wet filter to cool the air inside the building.

Ideal for large factories that produce heat through manufacturing processes, evaporative cooling offers drastically lower energy consumption than traditional air conditioning systems.

Evaporative cooling is ideal for businesses looking to boost their environmental credentials, as this form of industrial cooling uses natural processes, produces no air pollution and requires no refrigerated systems, helping to lower your carbon footprint and overall energy consumption.

Opting for an evaporative cooling system has the added benefit of drawing filtered, outside air into your space through cooling pads, improving the air quality on your premises and therefore bettering employee working conditions.

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Professional Evaporative Cooling Servicing

As well as providing low-cost professional installation, we offer tailored evaporative cooling system maintenance as part of our after-sales service.

We recommend a bi-annual, pre-summer and pre-winter maintenance schedule to keep your system working optimally and efficiently all year round.

Regular maintenance will prevent the system from freezing during the colder months and eliminate the risk of scale and algae build-up.

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Evaporative cooling vs. traditional air conditioning for your building

Both evaporative cooling systems and air conditioning systems have great benefits, however, each system is best suited to a different type of commercial premises.

Depending on your business, industry, and building type one system will likely benefit your premises over the other. We supply, install, and maintain both evaporative cooling systems and air conditioning units to ensure businesses across a range of sectors have the right cooling solutions to meet their needs.

In the table below we have outlined the key benefits of both evaporative cooling systems and air conditioning units to highlight which system is best suited to which commercial space.

Evaporative Cooling

Traditional Air Conditioning

Evaporative cooling systems supply 100% cool fresh filtered air into your premises.

This system can help to improve the air quality in larger warehouses or production facilities and if your workforce requires windows and doors to be left open this doesn’t have an adverse effect on equipment performance.

Air conditioning systems help to refresh the air in enclosed spaces.

In offices, halls, or smaller enclosed workspaces, air conditioning units are effective at reducing air temperature quickly and decreasing the percentage of humidity.

High energy efficiency and quick cooling times.

Evaporative cooling systems use up to 90% less energy than alternative cooling options and can cool large spaces in short periods of time, allowing you to hit decarbonisation goals

One unit can regulate and maintain the temperature of a space.

Rather than using several small heaters or fans within your business, installing one air conditioning unit can be a more cost-effective way to maintain and regulate the temperature in the long run.

No refrigerants.

Evaporative cooling units only use a small amount of electricity, and water meaning that they have a very low carbon footprint.

A choice of units to suit your premises.

Air con units can be split, multi-split, or central, which allows you to target the exact rooms you wish to cool. With a multi-split unit, you can cool multiple rooms independently from one another to save on costs.

Only fresh air, and water.

Evaporative cooling systems only take fresh air from outside, passed through a wet media filter to release fresh, cooled air into the building. This will cause no harm to larger pieces of machinery and equipment, they will function as normal if an evaporative cooling unit is used within a building.

No damage to equipment and electronics.

Desktop computers, laptops, printers, and all other office electronics continue to work as normal if an air conditioning unit is present within the building.

Low-cost set-up and maintenance.

Across the board, evaporative coolers are often cheaper to run. Maintenance is only required once every 6 months and set-up and running costs are low due to the low energy usage.

Helps to remove dust, pollen, and bacteria.

Air conditioning units have extremely effective air filtration systems. Often additional particles such as dust, pollen and even bacteria can be removed from the workplace with this system. This is useful for offices and retail premises that often have several different visitors per day.

Excellent Customer Care

We build lasting relationships with each client and are always on-hand to meet the changing heating and cooling requirements of their business.

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Our clients can be assured that every installation is carried out in accordance with the relevant Institution of Gas Engineers Utilisation Procedures (IGE/UP).

Bespoke In-House Design

We don't just supply and install systems, we will design a completely bespoke system to reflect our client's processes, budget and sustainability credentials.

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