Warm air heating: pros, cons & business costs

20th December 2023

Warm air heating: pros, cons & business costs

When it comes to heating your business there are a plethora of options available, from warm air heating systems to industrial boilers.

During the winter, heating your business should be a top priority as it is an essential step in ensuring customer satisfaction, product safety, and employee well-being. 

Today, we are discussing warm air heating systems, their pros and cons, their maintenance requirements, and how a professional installation from Enright Environmental can ensure a heating system that is effective all year round.

Winterwarm XR warm air heater

What is a warm air heating system?

A warm air heating system is a form of heating that converts cold air, either from outside or usually from inside the building itself, into heated air. The system then circulates this warm air around the premises by blowing it freely, or through ducts, grills, or vents.

These systems work in a variety of sectors and building types, including manufacturing plants, distribution centres, or small industrial units that are used commercially.

Warm air heating is created in a variety of ways, the most frequently used systems are:

  • Suspended gas-fired unit heaters

These unit heaters use natural gas as fuel and distribute warm air by passing cold air over a heat exchanger via a fan. A suspended heater is typically hanging at a high level.

  • Floor-standing gas-fired cabinet heaters

These heaters have the same principle as suspended gas-fired unit heaters however, they stand on the floor meaning they can take up valuable floor space and are only suitable in certain environments.

  • Fan-coil units

Warm air can be delivered through fan coil units which are connected to your boiler heating system, this eliminates the need for other fuel to the heaters.

  • Other fuel types

Warm air heaters are available in multiple types of fuel including natural gas, fully electric, LPG and oil depending on what type of fuel is available in your premises.

What are the advantages of a warm air heating system?

Warm air heating can offer a variety of benefits to your business space, these benefits can include:

  • Quick heating time and consistency

Due to the high velocity of warm air that can pass through the heater, your business property will receive fast heating and consistent temperatures once set. 

  • Enhanced by Destratification fans

We always highly recommend that destratification fans are installed and used alongside warm air heaters. The combination helps to ensure the warm air that has risen to the top of the building is pushed back down to the ground level where it is needed, meaning the heaters are running for a shorter amount of time, ultimately saving your business money.

  • Space saving

Warm air heating systems do not attach to other systems such as radiators and are versatile in design to be fitted where needed. Whether on high ceilings or walls, this means more floor space within your business.

  • Environmentally conscious 

Modern warm air heaters have excellent efficiency ratings and economical energy consumption, are fully ErP compliant, and have features such as delta T control, and modulating fans and burners so your business can keep its carbon footprint to a minimum.

  • Cost-effective

Warm air heaters have proven to be a cost-effective method of heating almost all types of industrial and commercial buildings.

Warm air ventilation pipes in the interior of a building.

What are the disadvantages of a warm air heating system?

Like all heating systems, there are a few drawbacks that come with installing a warm air heating system, such as: 

  • Capital cost

Like any investment into your business, there is an upfront capital cost for having a warm air heating system installed. However, after the installation, it is proven to be one of the most cost-effective methods of heating large spaces.

  • Business disruptions 

Like all new renovations and installations, there may be some small disruption to the workspace while the warm air heating system installation is in progress, however, Enright Environmental always work closely with our clients to ensure minimal disruption.

Warm air heating system maintenance being carried out by a professional in a hard helmet.

Do warm air heating systems need frequent maintenance?

Heating systems of any variety need regular, professional maintenance to ensure that they are functioning at their optimal levels for all seasons.

As most warm air heaters are gas-fired, they require an annual gas safety check to ensure they are operating safely. If this maintenance is not carried out then the appliance may not be operating efficiently, could potentially be dangerous and will result in invalid insurance policies.  

Due to their detachment from water systems, warm air heating systems are more reliable in the winter than other heating systems. This is because other ‘wet’ heating systems may suffer from burst pipes due to the temperature drop particularly if pipes are not insulated and are subject to extreme temperatures.  

If you operate a busy factory or commercial property, warm air heating may be the perfect solution to ensure reliable heat is delivered throughout your property.

A warm air heating system up close.

How can Enright Environmental help

If you have decided to update your business’s heating with a warm air heating system, then we are here to provide the full design, installation, and maintenance your system requires.  

As one of the top specialist heating providers for businesses in the North East, we can provide upfront expertise for a range of heating systems and ensure that the system you select is correct for your business space and professionally installed for longevity.   

For more information on our heating services, contact our team today.

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