Is your current factory ventilation system the best for your business? Here’s how to find out

14th August 2023

Is your current factory ventilation system the best for your business? Here’s how to find out

Industrial ventilation systems provide vital support for industrial spaces of all sizes and sectors. The installation of this equipment ensures that staff and visitors enjoy clean and safe air, equipment runs at its optimal level and energy efficiency is maintained.

In industrial spaces, heat and particles from the manufacturing process can cause issues with the air quality and create an unsafe work environment if the air is not correctly circulated and removed for purification.

With so many industrial heavy-duty ventilation options available, it’s important to understand fans and how to implement the most effective range for your business premises. This will be central to this blog so you feel confident that you choose and install the correct extraction system for your company.

Ventilation pipes outside of a industrial warehouse.

Why are extraction fans and ventilation so important to industrial spaces?

There are many options when it comes to choosing an industrial fan that serves your commercial space effectively. Several properties may have outdated extraction options that allow cold, draughty air in and limit the effectiveness of the removal of hazardous particles. As such, understanding your property’s needs is the first step in installing effective ventilation.

Smaller buildings could benefit from ‘out of the way’ ventilation systems such as industrial ceiling fans and extractors, while large spaces could benefit from a ventilation system that incorporates heating, cooling, and heat recovery processes.

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Visitor and staff comfort and safety

For industrial processes that create excess heat, hazardous particles or gas, installing an effective extraction system is critical to ensure safety regulations are maintained. 

This can be achieved by the use of heavy-duty extraction fans, as they’re capable of withdrawing hazardous air from a room quickly and efficiently and replacing it with cool and clean air. 

Furthermore, certain ventilation systems such as evaporative cooling allow temperature control for staff comfort and keep machinery at its optimal temperature, thereby limiting the risk of overheating. 

Industrial machinery being used to create and pack products.

Optimising machinery and equipment

The equipment and machinery used in the industrial sector play an important part in the decision-making process for ventilation systems. 

Heavy machinery or perishable products that need to be stored in specific temperatures can be optimised by using a ventilation system that ensures consistent temperatures and limits the impact of humidity.

Humidity in industrial spaces, the majority of which is created by human output, can be mitigated by the correct ventilation equipment and limits the risk of mould which can cause damage to machinery and the property as a whole.

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Supporting carbon neutrality

Outdated industrial ventilation systems can cause an increase in energy bills and usage due to the fact they require more energy to run effectively – increases that can be mitigated by installing a new system that will be cheaper to run in the long term.

An outdated system may also not effectively extract or regulate the air temperature, which can cause property damage or overheating machinery which is costly to repair. 

For businesses focused on their energy output and impact on the environment, the correct ventilation system can reduce particle displacement and the potential risk of releasing harmful chemicals into the environment. This enhances your business’s corporate social responsibility credentials and can attract environmentally-conscious customers. 

The interior of an industrial warehouse.

Getting the right ventilation system installed in your business

Indoor air quality can have a massive impact on employee and customer well-being, and, as a business, it’s crucial to address any issues that pose a threat to this. The right industrial ventilation system that meets the UK regulation requirements will have a positive impact on your business and it is crucial to work with an installation and maintenance team that understands every aspect of ventilation services. 

Enright Environmental can provide your business with an on-site survey and offer advice on a range of ventilation solutions which are affordable, reliable and compatible with your business practices and requirements.

Whether your premises needs vents for heating and cooling or extraction systems for fume and dust particles, we’ll work with you to plan and install the best equipment on the market.

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