Evaporative cooling

Harnessing the power of nature

Evaporative cooling

Thanks to its natural efficiency, Evaporative Cooling can be fitted at a fraction of the cost of other air conditioning systems. Particularly suited to larger spaces like factories and warehouses it brings cost savings of up to 80 per cent by using the power of evaporating water to deliver cool, fresh air.

With straightforward installation and very low energy use, cooling units can be fitted in locations where other types of air cooling would be too expensive. As well as being extremely cost-effective, its low carbon use also means that Evaporative Cooling has excellent environmental credentials.

How it works

Evaporative cooling is the natural process of water evaporating as warm air is blown across its surface. It occurs when a warm wind blows across the surface of the sea. Some water evaporates and the latent heat of evaporation lowers the air’s temperature. This is why a cool breeze can be felt at the coast on a warm day.

The cooling units we install reproduce this natural process in a building when outside air is brought indoors to significantly cool the interior.

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