Evaporative cooler servicing: The importance of preparing your systems for the winter months

17th October 2023

Evaporative cooler servicing: The importance of preparing your systems for the winter months

As winter rolls around, your first instinct may be to forget about your evaporative cooler until the summer heat returns. However, overlooking its maintenance during the colder months can lead to costly issues. Accurate and thorough evaporative cooler servicing before winter weather starts ensures your system remains in top condition and is ready to provide cooling comfort when the temperatures rise once more.

Contacting a HVAC engineer can ensure that during winter, you have peace of mind that your cooling system is protected and will run efficiently when warm weather returns. But why is evaporative cooler maintenance so important and what steps do professional HVAC service engineers take to ensure the system remains optimal over winter? These are the questions we’ll be answering in today’s blog. 

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Why is evaporative cooler servicing important?

Like all machinery, evaporative coolers require frequent maintenance to ensure they remain in top condition throughout the year. During the colder months when evaporative cooling is used less, unmaintained systems can be damaged by:

  • Ruptured or damaged pipes due to freezing
  • Untreated water sump within the machine
  • Clogged filters and insect screens from a build-up of particles and debris

Addressing these issues through evaporative cooler servicing ensures systems stay optimised and ready for future use.

Valves and wires coming off pipe

What do we do to winter-proof your evaporative cooling system?

To ensure that evaporative cooling systems remain in good condition through the winter, Enright Environmental will carry out a series of checks and tests to make the evaporative cooler ‘winter ready’.

  • Carry out operational checks on the evaporative cooler.

Inside evaporative coolers there are many important moving parts and components working together. All these working parts will be thoroughly tested by the engineer to ensure correct operation, and all safety devices will be tested.

  • Drain water supply

Evaporative coolers rely on a water supply for their operation, as this is what aids the process of converting hot air into cool, refreshing air during the summer.

To prevent freezing and potential damage to the water lines and other parts within the evaporative cooler, our evaporative cooling engineers will drain the water from the cooler’s sump and supply pipework safely, preventing any winter freezing.

Blue pipe that has burst

  • Disconnect from the water supply

Once the engineer has ensured that the water supply is drained, they will disconnect the cooler system from the buildings water supply and seal the pipe.

This ensures that no water flows into the unit during freezing temperatures. Cold temperatures cause the pipes to freeze, causing them to expand and split ultimately causing a large and potentially costly leak. That’s why it’s essential to enlist a specialist to carry out this process.

  • Remove debris and thoroughly clean

Throughout the year, evaporative coolers may collect dirt or debris, regular professional maintenance ensures that this build-up is minimised, and an end-of-season maintenance session ensures that the system is ready for operation when the weather is warm. 

Enlisting support from a specialist also ensures that this is conducted correctly and that no damage is caused to the filters and insect screens. Evaporative coolers can still be used throughout the winter on fan-only mode, without the cooling.

It’s vital that business owners contact an HVAC specialist to carry out these steps before the cold weather season hits its peak. 

Winter-proofing your evaporative cooler is a smart investment for its longevity and the comfort of staff and customers in your commercial space. 

Pipe covered in icicles in winter season

Enright Environmental is a specialist evaporative cooling servicing provider.

If your system needs regular maintenance, winter-proofing, or both – we are the evaporative cooling specialists for you!

With over 50 years of experience in the HVAC industry, we have seen plenty of winters and plenty of cold weather damage that can befall evaporative cooling systems that are not being correctly maintained.  

To ensure that your business’s evaporative cooling system remains in top condition during winter and all year round, contact our team of HVAC specialists today!

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