Air conditioning regulations: why professional assistance is a must

23rd October 2023

Air conditioning regulations: why professional assistance is a must

Air conditioning regulations in the UK were put into effect in the early 2000s in order to ensure compliance and provide guidelines for properties fitted for commercial use. 

While it is estimated that air conditioning systems in the UK are only used 3 months of the year, their place in commercial and retail spaces is vital for maintaining comfortable temperatures for staff and customers alike. With these legislations, compliance is key and professional servicing and maintenance must be regularly scheduled to ensure regulations are adhered to. 

Today, we are reviewing UK regulations and how professional intervention is essential to installing and maintaining the best air conditioning systems and ensuring a safe workspace all year round.

air conditioning unit on the side of a building

What are UK air conditioning regulations?

According to EPB (Energy Performance of Building Certification), UK air conditioning systems must be energy efficient as a priority to ensure they’re compliant with the overall net zero government plan.

These regulations dictate that air conditioning systems with an effective rated output of more than 12kW must be regularly inspected by a certified energy assessor. These inspections must be no more than five years apart from the month of the initial installation.

Along with electrical efficiency compliance, business owners must be aware of the maintenance of their machines. Commercial air conditioners need servicing every six months regardless of use. However, smaller machines, 0-30kg in weight, only need to be maintained once every year. 

If you’re uncertain of whether your air conditioning unit has been properly assessed, consult the EPB guidelines and contact a local air conditioning expert.

air conditioning regulations assessor carrying out inspection

What should I expect from an air conditioning inspection?

When you organise the first inspection, it’s crucial to ensure that the inspector is from a valid and certified practice. Failure to use a service provider that is accredited and registered will result in the report being invalid and potential fines may occur. 

A certified assessor will provide insights and test results for:

  • The efficiency rating and suggestions for improvement, which they discern from assessing the refrigeration and heating systems for issues or damage as this can lower the efficiency of the unit.
  • An assessment of equipment – this includes fans, heat exchangers, and filters, which will be checked for blockages or wear and tear.
  • An analysis of the system’s size concerning its cooling capacity. The airflow rate is crucial to ensure that the unit is working effectively and is appropriate for the adjoining premises.
  • A summary of the inspection for system records and documentation to ensure that the next inspection will have evidence and issues to look for.

With regular inspections and ensuring that the suggestions are acted upon with reliable maintenance, your business’s air conditioning unit should be able to withstand years of use and remain working at full optimisation.

A engineer conducting an air conditioning check.

How to get the right maintenance for your units

With these regulations and checks in mind, businesses need to get the correct kind of service and maintenance for their air conditioning units. Air conditioning regulation compliance can not only improve your facility’s corporate responsibility standing, but it can also limit machinery downtime and keep employee productivity high. 

To achieve this, partnering up with a commercial heating and cooling specialist is an important first step.

At Enright Environmental, we provide professional services for commercial properties, from designing, installing and maintaining specialist air conditioning to ensuring that your ventilation system is correct for your building’s purpose.   

For a full air quality refresh, get in touch with our expert team today!

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