Supporting the future of HVAC apprentices

04th March 2023

Supporting the future of HVAC apprentices

At Enright Environmental we believe apprentices are truly the future of our business. Our apprenticeship scheme gives us the opportunity to not only develop our business but also provide career-enhancing opportunities for motivated individuals.

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Current apprenticeship plans

Apprenticeships allow you to learn skills and gain experience that you might not have access to with alternative educational pathways such as University while gaining recognised qualifications as you go.

As a country, we are facing a serious and growing skills shortage but there are plenty of young people who are eager to get into a work environment and learn skills on the job.

Today we are proud to introduce some of our very own apprentices.

Our longest-serving apprentice is Ellis, a Trainee Building Services Engineer who has been with us for 3 years. Having successfully completed his NVQ Diploma in Plumbing and Heating, Ellis is also Hot Water Storage Systems competent. His day-to-day responsibilities include working as an on-site engineer, assisting and learning from gas engineers, and assisting our office staff with day-to-day operations.

Ellis shared how his role has taken shape since joining Enright Environmental. He said, “I thoroughly enjoy working at Enright Environmental. I find the technical aspect of the job very interesting, learning about how different systems and equipment work. This paired with the on-site experience I have gained has really developed me both personally and professionally.”

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New apprentices and the future of HVAC education

Our team grew over the summer with the addition of Alex. He joined us partway through his Plumbing and Heating Apprenticeship as his interest has steered towards the commercial sector in which we specialise. We look forward to Alex being able to apply his existing knowledge of different types of heating applications in a range of commercial building structures.

The newest member of our team is Joe. He joined us after successfully completing his GCSEs with a growing interest in our industrial and commercial heating services and an urge to get involved with hands-on work, meaning our apprenticeship scheme with a technical focus is perfectly suited to him.

Joe is currently shadowing on-site engineers to gain insight into their roles and responsibilities. We look forward to seeing Joe familiarise himself with the world of work and grow as a confident individual with high-quality knowledge and expertise in the industry, while we support him every step of the way.

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If you're looking for an apprenticeship, we want to hear from you

At Enright Environmental we provide an opportunity for young people to thrive and progress in their careers. With our support, we look forward to watching Ellis, Alex and Joe continue to develop into well-respected team members and look forward to welcoming future recruits into the business.

For more information on our apprenticeship scheme get in touch today.

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