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We know industrial and commercial heating. Providing heat is the easy part – making sure it’s perfectly matched to the way a building is used is where our expertise comes in. This has long been our core business and we know from experience the different advantages of all the heating technologies available. We understand how to get the most out of them and by working closely with you and listening carefully to how you use your building we can design a system that fits your needs exactly.

We have designed and fitted systems for factories, warehouses, offices, shops, sports halls, churches and clubs – in each case they’re highly-efficient and reliable and show the power of intelligent design in heating using the best of modern technology.

Our Heating Services

Below are the different heating services that we can offer. Click on a title for more information.

Warm air

Injecting warm air in a focused and controlled way is an excellent way of heating many commercial and industrial spaces. It’s fast-acting and by producing a rapid warm-up it’s popular in warehouse settings as it maintains low humidity. It’s a versatile system that can be either suspended from the roof or mounted in cabinets. Design features such as de-stratification fans can be incorporated to minimise heat loss through the roof so running costs are kept low. Where a building has loading bays we can also include ambient air door curtains to minimise heat loss.

Suspended warm air unit heater.

Suspended warm air unit heater.

Bi-directional/DUO warm air heater.

Floor standing cabinet heater.

Outdoor warm air heating unit for ductwork connection.

Destratification fan.

Fan coil unit for use with LPHW heating systems.

Radiant heating

Why heat the whole of a building when only the floor space is used? Radiant energy is an innovative way of using infra-red technology to focus warmth to precisely where it’s needed – avoiding the waste of heating empty space.

Radiant tube heaters are fast-acting and produce infra-red heat which is reflected down to the occupied areas in a highly targeted way – it means sizeable energy savings in which industrial and commercial buildings can have a different temperature for each zone. This type of spot heating is extremely effective in settings such as factories, warehouses, vehicle showrooms, workshops, sports arenas and aircraft hangers.

Radiant heaters come in an array of types and sizes, from gas fired U-tube, linear, and herringbone systems to Plaque heaters.

Where electrical power is the source of fuel, Quartz radiant heaters are a very popular solution in establishments with outdoor terraces and decked areas such as bars, restaurants, cafes and similar entertainment venues.

Boiler plant

Excellent efficiency and well-designed control systems are at the heart of our approach to boilers. Whether it’s installing a new boiler or refurbishing an existing system, we are experts in matching the design of your boiler system to your specific needs. Floor standing, wall hung and condensing boilers can be used in our designs – depending on what’s most efficient and convenient for you. Our experience covers almost any setting, ranging from offices, to factories, warehouses, churches, leisure complexes, to pubs and clubs.

Water heaters

The range of different ways we can design water heating systems is almost unlimited but we know that the best systems are those shaped exactly to your specific requirements. Unvented storage, vented storage, instantaneous water heaters, plate heat exchangers and gas fired storage water heaters are all systems Enright Environmental is experienced in fitting.

We are always aware of the need to design blending valves into water systems to ensure the risk of legionella is eliminated whilst also being certain the temperature is never dangerously hot.

Some of the many methods of water heating available in our designs include: self-venting cistern heating, unvented water heaters, instantaneous water heaters, plate heat exchangers and gas fired storage heaters.

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