Pipework services: 3 types of installations and their uses

06th October 2023

Pipework services: 3 types of installations and their uses

Industrial and commercial pipework can provide a variety of issues for commercial property owners and understanding these pipes with the help of a professional pipework service provider is key.

There are three major types of pipework: Hot & Cold Water Pipework, Process Pipework, and Gas Pipework, each of which provides crucial services to properties. With this in mind, commercial property owners must ensure that their pipework has been supplied and installed correctly to ensure safe and efficient use.

Today, we are outlining how each pipe functions, how to ensure that they’re fit for purpose, and how to maintain them with a professional pipework service provider.

Hot and cold water pipework

This is the most commonly understood variety of pipework. 

As the name suggests, Hot & Cold Water pipework ensures that water reaches the final endpoint, whether that is, taps, outdoor faucets, urinals or toilets, correctly. Depending on the size of the commercial property, this type of pipework can be simple or very complex to ensure it reaches its endpoint efficiently. 

From hot and cold water gravity-fed systems to pressurised mains-fed water systems, these types of connections require frequent pipework servicing to ensure the prevention of leaks or bursts. This is particularly important in commercial settings where burst water pipes can cause a range of issues to delicate machinery or electrical goods. 

Process pipework

Process pipework is the all-in-one variety of pipe that ensures businesses across many sectors can withstand busy periods as well as maintain everyday tasks. 

The typical uses for this category of pipework are related to boiler feed water systems, rinsing and washing processes like car washes, or manufacturing and other industrial processes. The purpose of these pipes is to carry out difficult tasks that cannot be handled manually and ensure that production is optimal at all times.

Due to the delicate and necessary nature of this pipework, it is integral for businesses of all sizes to ensure that their systems receive a pipework service regularly. This pipework should be updated when required, to minimise vibration-induced fatigue failure in the business process and ensure the pipes are safe for use within the premises.

Yellow pipes of gas pipework system in commercial property

Gas pipework

The most delicate of all the aforementioned pipework, Gas pipework is necessary for all properties and should be professionally installed to ensure that they’re safe to operate and running at full optimisation, as a failure in this can lead to catastrophic issues. 

Gas piping is a pipework system in premises that is used to transport natural gas from the national supply directly to the building’s heating system. When the gas enters the premises through this system, it becomes depressurised and increases when it is in use.

Whether this is a unit heater, radiant heater, boiler, air handling unit, or another burner used in commercial premises, if installed incorrectly or poorly maintained, issues can quickly arise. 

This intricate system requires ultimate care with a pipework service provider that ensures safety is maintained and that any damaged piping is fixed quickly to minimise the risk of valve issues, blocked pipes, or a full-scale gas leakage.

An engineer working on pipework.

How Enright Environmental can lay the best pipework for your commercial property!

When organising a pipework service for your commercial property, the emphasis must always reside on safety and professionalism. 

Enright Environmental can provide a variety of services to ensure your pipework is up to regulation standards and works efficiently. The team can design and install systems with a range of materials including copper, mild steel, stainless steel and plastic depending on the required piping.  

The entire team of professionally trained engineers are Gas Safe Registered and can provide advice and services for a variety of issues, from durable process pipework and boosted chilled water systems, to gas pipework valves and full turnkey solutions. 

For a full insight into the pipework services we offer, contact the team today or check out our full range here. 

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