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True Jesus Church – Boiler and heating system upgrade

Boiler Replacement

True Jesus Church – Boiler and heating system upgrade

About the client:

The True Jesus Church originated in Beijing, China in 1917, and on the 11th of February 1973, a Prayer House was established in Newcastle Upon Tyne with approximately 200 members. The first True Jesus Church in Newcastle Upon Tyne was established several years later on the 12th of July 1976, and this was also the first of its kind in Europe. The current plot of land that the Church stands on today was acquired in 1990, and the building was complete by the end of March 1992. Newcastle’s True Jesus Church now has over 750 registered members, along with 18 ministers (11 deacons, 7 deaconesses), making it the largest church in the UK in terms of membership.

Project background:

True Jesus Church has a large commercial heating system, spanning over four floors with a plant room located on the second floor and feeding various areas including a canteen, chapel, offices and classrooms, through both fan convectors and radiators. The church faced the challenge of an old boiler with obsolete parts beginning to fail, being highly inefficient in comparison to modern boiler technology, and only being able to heat the whole building without the option of zone control when certain areas of the building are not in use.

Project solution:

The congregation in charge of True Jesus Church decided that a major upgrade to the boiler and heating system was necessary and therefore made these improvements a priority. Teaming up with Enright Environmental to make this upgrade happen, the major works consisted of four key categories.

Atag boiler installation:

The current boiler had far exceeded its life expectancy and was starting to deteriorate rapidly. With parts now obsolete and efficiencies being far lower than modern boiler technologies, the best option was to replace the boiler with a new, highly efficient floor-standing ATAG XL180 F boiler which offered improved reliability, performance, and peace of mind that occupants of the building will be comfortable all year round. This particular model of boiler boasts two independent fully modulating burners or “Twin Engines”, producing extremely low CO/NOx emissions, so our valued client is reducing their carbon footprint, helping to keep our planet sustainable for future generations.

Magnetic filtration system:

Along with the boiler and pipework installation, we installed a magnetic filtration device manufactured by our valued supplier, Adey. We always recommend a magnetic filtration device with any heating system to prolong the life and help achieve optimum efficiency. Paired with the appropriate system cleaner and inhibitor, our client can be assured that their new boiler and heating system are protected and operating as efficiently as possible.

Heating system zones & controls:

The current heating system in the building did not have the capability to be split into zones, therefore whenever the boiler was running the whole building was heating up, which is a huge waste of energy, particularly when some floors are not in use. Through numerous conversations with the client, it was identified at this stage that it would be beneficial to split the heating system into two heating zones, the ground and first floor being zone 1, and the second floor and third floor being zone 2. Whilst only two zones suit the client’s current needs, the controls system installed has the capability of providing up to twelve zones, so future-proofing is in place moving forward for further fine-tuning of the system should the client require it. The control system can be remotely controlled via modern smart controls to reduce energy wastage.

RPZ backflow prevention valve:

The existing heating system at True Jesus Church was an open-vented system fed from a feed and expansion header tank situated within the third floor ceiling space, given that the header tank incorporates an air gap this achieves compliance with water regulations. We converted the heating system to that of a sealed type, allowing disconnection of the header tank and enabling the system to be pressurised via a manual filling loop or pressurisation unit. Due to the output of the boiler and the size of the heating system, it is mandatory to provide a backflow prevention device capable of protection up to fluid category 4. RPZ valves are the most appropriate devices that fit the compliance category, therefore this type of valve was fitted, tested and commissioned by suitably qualified personnel. The aim is to prevent any contamination from the heating system from entering the cold-water main which is used for potable water.

Due to the volume of the heating system, we incorporated a ‘Mikrofill 3’ pressurisation unit into the installation which automatically maintains the pressure of the heating system to a set point, in this case 1.6Bar. This particular model of pressurisation unit is designed to be connected directly to a building’s incoming mains water supply and fill the heating system without the use of a pump.

Gas solenoid valve & E-Stop:

The existing location of the manual gas shut-off lever valve within the plant room was hidden away in a boxed section behind the boiler and this was difficult to access, however, it is imperative for safety and compliance that the gas supply to the boiler can be shut off quickly and easily in an emergency. For this reason, we decided it was necessary to install a gas solenoid valve on the gas supply pipework, with an emergency stop button immediately as you enter the room. The emergency stop button is labelled so all occupants of the building including emergency services can quickly shut off the gas supply in case of emergency.

Project result:

Working closely with the team at True Jesus Church, this project was swiftly executed by our team of experienced HVAC engineers, who meticulously took the job from inception to completion and will continue to work closely with True Jesus Church moving forward.

True Jesus Church now benefits from an upgraded heating solution that is less prone to breakdowns and has improved energy efficiency resulting in lower utility bills. The building’s occupants now benefit from enhanced comfort and improved heat distribution due to the added zone control and have taken a step forward in decarbonisation and better sustainability by lowering their carbon footprint.


The upgrade of True Jesus Church’s heating system has successfully addressed the challenges posed by an ageing and inefficient boiler. By replacing the old boiler with a highly efficient ATAG model with the appropriate magnetic filtration device, introducing heating system zones and smart controls, installing an RPZ Backflow Prevention Valve, and gas solenoid with E-stop the project has significantly improved energy efficiency, comfort, and sustainability. The collaboration between Enright Environmental and True Jesus Church has resulted in a heating solution that is more reliable, environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Moving forward, the church can enjoy reduced utility bills, enhanced comfort, and a lowered carbon footprint, marking a significant step towards a more sustainable future.


Thank you to Enright Environmental for assisting with upgrading the church’s central heating system. They have provided sound expertise and good workmanship with the installation, have kept us in regular contact during the preparation and installation stages and kept us reassured throughout the progress of this project. The engineers and electricians were professional, friendly, and helpful in explaining the process of the installation. Thank you for your expertise and help in making the church heating system more sustainable and warm, catering to the needs of the congregation!

(George Ho, True Jesus Church)

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