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Hope House – Heating System Upgrade

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Hope House – Heating System Upgrade

About the client:

Based in Low Fell, Hope House Church Hall is a hub for the local community and beyond to sing, pray, explore Christianity and support the Gateshead foodbank. With regular services, youth clubs and events, the Hope House building is always a hive of activity, and therefore, updated facilities are essential to provide comfort and safety for staff and visitors.

Project background:

Hope House Church Hall faced significant heating challenges due to an outdated and unreliable heating system. Frequent breakdowns of the old combi boiler and inefficiency of the single panel radiators disrupted activities and resulted in discomfort for visitors during the colder months. The high energy consumption of the outdated system also led to increased utility bills.

Ground floor radiator at Hope House.

New radiator at Hope House.

Newly installed radiators on the ground floor of Hope House Community Church

Hallway radiator upgrade.

Project solution:

Recognising the urgent need for a reliable and energy-efficient heating system, the management of Hope House Church Hall decided to undertake a comprehensive upgrade. The solution included two main components.

Efficient Baxi Combi Boiler Installation:

The outdated combi boiler was replaced with a modern and more efficient Baxi combi boiler. The new boiler not only offered improved reliability but also boasted higher energy efficiency ratings, reducing overall energy consumption and operating costs. The boiler’s advanced features equally ensured consistent and reliable heating for the upstairs heating system within the building.

Installation of Efficient Double Panel Convector Radiators:

To improve the heat distribution throughout the building, the existing single-panel radiators were replaced with 11 new efficient double-panel convector radiators. These radiators are designed to provide better heat output and distribution, ensuring a comfortable environment for occupants, even in the coldest weather. New thermostatic radiator valves were installed throughout the premises to ensure energy wasn’t wasted heating rooms that were already at a comfortable temperature.

Under window radiator installation.

A long radiator located in a downstairs room at Hope House.

Project Result:

This project was executed by Enright Environmental’s team of experienced HVAC professionals who carefully assessed the hall’s heating requirements and designed a system tailored to the client’s requirements. The installation process was carried out efficiently, minimising disruptions to the hall’s regular activities.

Hope House Church Hall now benefits from a consistent heating solution that is less prone to frequent breakdowns, improved energy efficiency resulting in lower utility bills, enhanced comfort from improved heat distribution and better sustainability through lowering their carbon footprint.


The successful heating system upgrades at Hope House Church Hall demonstrate the significant impact that modernising HVAC systems can have on both comfort and energy efficiency. By replacing an unreliable combi boiler and inefficient radiators with modern, energy-efficient alternatives, the church hall leadership team not only addressed the building’s heating challenges but also contributed to long-term sustainability goals. The project’s success stands as an example of how strategic investments in infrastructure can enhance the functionality and appeal of community spaces.

Commercial air conditioning unit installed on ceiling

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