Energy management

Designing efficiency

Energy management


When designing heating or cooling systems we always recommend incorporating features to maximise energy efficiency. There are a range of technologies that can be installed to ensure systems minimise energy use while still delivering optimum performance.

Using heat intelligently


‘Optimum start’ is an intelligent control system that carefully targets energy use. It monitors temperatures inside and out and learns how much heat needs to be added to your building depending on conditions at that time. It avoids the wasteful use of power that can be a disadvantage of traditional timed heating systems.

Maximising zone control


When a building is split into different sections each with its own heating requirements, zone control is used. Every zone is independently monitored and heat provided as and when required. It can also feature a boiler interlock which would switch off the boiler when all zones are up to temperature – in readiness to switch back on as soon as any zone needs heat.

Recovering lost heat


By installing equipment such as recuperators and run-around coils it’s possible to recover significant amounts of heat where it would otherwise be lost. It means a saving of up to 60 per cent in many applications.

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