Safely Re-Occupying Your Workplace As We Emerge From Lockdown

9 April 2021
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Safely Re-Occupying Your Workplace As We Emerge From Lockdown

As the battle against COVID-19 continues, the recent news about lockdown restrictions slowly starting to ease gives many of us a glimmer of hope with regards to returning to the workplace, but the big question is whether your business is suitably prepared for it. 

Ventilation & Air Conditioning Systems

Adequate ventilation is required in all occupied areas. Ventilation rates should not be reduced in line with potential reduced occupancy but maintained or increased to mitigate any risk of airborne virus transmission. If normal occupancy is maintained then an increase in ventilation should be considered.

If your workplace has been closed for an extended period and has air conditioning units that have a source of water that can generate aerosol, you will need to assess the risks of legionella being present within them before restarting. Small wall or ceiling-mounted units with closed cooling systems are less likely to present a risk. However larger units may present a risk if they have improperly drained condensate trays, or humidifier or evaporative cooling sections where water can stagnate, becoming a reservoir for bacteria to grow.

Gas Safety Inspections

Gas safety inspections and maintenance are still a statutory requirement and have not been suspended due to the coronavirus. This is vital as any gas appliance which is not correctly maintained can become a safety risk. Our engineers are on hand to ensure that all your gas fired equipment is safe for use.

Hot & Cold Water Systems

It is imperative that any hot and cold water systems are suitably flushed and or disinfected/ chlorinated after extended periods of infrequent use to prevent the possibility of legionella bacteria as a result of water stagnation.

Boilers & Heating Systems

Where heating systems have been isolated or not used for extended periods, pre-heating service checks should be undertaken to ensure that all system components function correctly and are safe for use prior to reinstating the system. Turning a heating system back on after an extended period of dormancy is often not as simple as the flick of a switch.

The safety and wellbeing of your company employees is of paramount importance and we appreciate that many businesses will be implementing plans for the safe re-occupation of buildings. If we can assist with any of your requirements please get in touch.

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