Robertson & Sons Heater Installation

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Warm Air

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March, 2019

About the client

Robertson & Sons was founded in 1987 and since then has provided first-class laminating and veneering services to a diverse client base all across the UK.



We were contacted by Robertson & Sons to quote for a solution to the heating issues they were experiencing in their factory area. There were two existing ducted full fresh air inline warm air heaters which were previously installed to provide “make up” air for the sawdust extract system with significant air flow. These heating units have now been condemned due to their significant deteriorated condition and due to their age replacement parts are now obsolete. In more recent years the old sawdust extract system has been replaced with balanced air sawdust extract equipment, thereby not requiring the full heated fresh air input from the supply air heating units.

The two ducted heating units each had a rated heat output of 60kW totalling 120kW, which was previously required simply to heat the full fresh air being drawn in directly from outside. The balanced sawdust extract equipment now in place meant the heat input from the existing heaters was far greater than needed, inefficient and not cost effective.

The solution was to blank off the existing ducted heater and install a new suspended warm air unit heater within the factory space including room sealed vertical balanced flue system, modulating burner and main fan to allow heated air to be recirculated around the factory, thereby significantly reducing the heat requirement to approximately 75kW, resulting in much greater efficiency and lower running costs.