Omega Plastics New Team Valley Site Refurbishment

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Warm Air

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May, 2019

About the client

Omega Plastics specialise in custom, multiple-use plastic injection mouldings and rapid tooling for the automotive, healthcare and FMCG industries. They currently operate two facilities across the North-East occupied with professional and knowledgeable engineers who are ready to provide clients with a high quality service using the latest machinery and technology.

Following the takeover of Signal Plastics in 2015 and their relocation to a larger factory unit in Bentall Business Park Washington, additional contracts led the company to make a strategic decision and merge two Omega Plastics sites in Blyth and Hartlepool into one larger facility. The new facility located in Team Valley has a certain sentimental dimension to it for Omega as it is the factory they first started in back in 1998 when they occupied 5000 square feet of the factory. Now they occupy the entire building of 45,000 sq ft.

Prior to moving in to their new site on Team Valley a complete revamp of the factory and offices was programmed. Various trades were involved as the floors, roof and décor needed attention as well as other issues involving electrical supplies and the heating systems.

As specialists in the commercial heating sector we were tasked with a complete overhaul of the heating installations. Many of the warm air heaters in the factory area were in a poor state and had to be condemned for safety reasons. This was also true of the boilers supplying heating in the executive offices and the atrium areas. Before the install could begin we had to strip out the old heaters and all unnecessary pipework as well as the old boilers. Included in the clear out was a lot of duct work left by the previous occupants.

Once clear we fitted out the factory areas with nine new Powrmatic warm air unit heaters between 30kw and 40kw placed around the factory positioned to gain the maximum coverage from each heater. The heaters benefit from individual control by means of an MC200 controller giving time and temperature control in each area. Using one MC200 per heater gave a greater flexibility to the heating system allowing better control of temperature in different parts of the factory floor. Of the original heaters only two were approved for continued use and after a full service they were put back to work. Where possible the new heaters were flued through the walls of the factory to minimise roof penetrations.

The gas pipework that was installed required modifying to make it adequate for the new systems which in some cases meant running entirely new pipework back to the meter room. A new larger gas meter was required too to replace 2 smaller meters that were inadequate for the new heaters. There are now 4 meters in total for the whole site supplying 6 different areas. The boilers that supplied the wet systems had to be replaced having been condemned on safety grounds. The executive office system is supplied from one boiler by means of a conventional hydronic system while the atrium area is heated by fan coils placed in various areas within the false ceiling and above the technical offices and fed from two boilers. All the boilers are located in the meter room.

With the installation of the boilers now complete they are protected with chemical and a magnetic filter on the return to each unit. New controls were also fitted to each boiler.

The domestic hot water had been provided by open vented water heaters located in various parts of the factory and supplying the canteen and toilet areas. These were also deemed to be past their service life and needed replacing. New 50 litre unvented units were fitted and in some cases relocated so as to make them accessible for maintenance and adjustment where the old units had only been accessible with specialist access equipment. There was a small under sink water heater in a kitchen area that was also replaced with a new equivalent sized unit.

With the heating systems now up and running and the building and decorating in the final stages the job of relocating Omega Plastics under one roof could begin. We look forward to watching them grow as we help them to maintain their heating systems in the future.