Holy Cross Church Hall Boiler Replacement

Boiler Replacement Image

Client name:

Holy Cross Church Hall

Install date:

February. 2017

About the client

The Holy Cross Church Hall of Ryton, Tyne & Wear is used widely by the community to host a variety of events and a nursery group.
The heating system which was originally in use was fed from a ground floor boiler to an array of radiators throughout the church hall and three fan convector units. Although the existing floor standing boiler was still operational, the manufacturer no longer supported this particular model meaning the majority of spare parts were now obsolete. On top of this the boiler operated using a permanent pilot which was constantly burning to provide ignition, which was both inefficient and created high running costs. Due to these factors, the client approached us to quote for the church boiler replacement.

After assessing the clients requirements, we recommended the installation of a replacement high efficiency wall hung system boiler including a new fully room sealed balanced flue system, automatic ignition, integral circulation pump, suitable time and temperature controls and all necessary pipework modifications including conversion of the existing open vent system to that of the sealed type. Our proposal also allocated time to fully service and clean the existing fan convector units to ensure maximum efficiency of the system. We also recommended that the church hall staff made adjustments to their current radiator housings as the enclosing panels were creating a huge reduction in heat input to the room. To continue preventing people touching the hot radiators we suggested cutting vents into the sills to allow more air movement whilst still keeping them safely covered.

Upon instruction from the Holy Cross Ryton Parochial Church Council, we began by stripping out the old boiler, flue and circulation pumps. We then extended the cold water mains pipework down to the boiler room to allow conversion to a sealed system. The next step was to mount the new boiler on the wall and install the new horizontal room sealed flue and carry out the necessary pipework modifications including installing the new expansion vessel and magnetic filter.

Now that the installation has been successfully completed the church hall are benefiting from greatly improved efficiency of the heating system and lower heating bills as a result.